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Historic American Lead Cames: A Chronological Elemental Analysis of Lead Cames from 1875-1928 located in Woodlawn Cemetery

Haynes, Sophia

This research is to study the elemental composition and conditions of historic American lead cames in stained glass windows. American Lead came composition has not been studied extensively.

The aim of this research is to determine whether and how lead composition changed during the period from 1875-1928, to identify potential patterns of significant elements within the lead cames, to determine if pure lead occurred more frequently in younger windows, and if there is a relationship between chemical composition of lead came and the condition of the stained glass windows the cames comprise.

Forty-one samples of lead were taken from forty-one windows from a period of 150 years. Understanding what elements are in the lead cames is important to potentially understanding the composition of these lead cames. Significant elements and trace elements in the cames were tested by an XRF Analyzer and then shown a composition percentage, showing alloys and metals included.


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Trienens, Amanda Thomas
M.S., Columbia University
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May 29, 2024