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Landmark Designation in Major League Baseball and the Continued Efforts to Preserve America’s Pastime

LeBlanc, Steph

This thesis will identify two case studies that will provide context to an examination of the preservation and continued use of active MLB facilities. It will establish the varying levels of intervention and valuation within the field of preservation at each ballpark and intertwine the need for intentional stewardship to work alongside designation and regulation as effective tools for preservation. It will illustrate the similarities between the two historic MLB case studies and the typologies that sought to emulate them. This comparison will serve to suggest questions about the future of urban ballparks as they approach preservation and possible designation in the future. It will also establish context for the motivation behind the rehabilitations of Fenway Park and Wrigley Field that accelerated the involvement of historic preservation interventions at each ballpark.

Ultimately, the intention of use and the intention of design go hand in hand to determine the longevity of ballpark stadium life. The constant pressure for modification to remain competitive with newer stadium amenities influences the nature of these preservation projects. The approach cannot be to fix these places in time, but rather to identify the key elements that should not be altered and allow others to change. Intentional stewardship and regulation must work together to determine the best practices at each individual site. In order to achieve this, negotiation and flexibility have been key to the success of these preservation efforts, and will continue to be necessary in future years.


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Historic Preservation
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Bentel, Paul L.
M.S., Columbia University
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July 27, 2022