ENSIP: the El NinÄ o simulation intercomparison project

Latif, M.; Sperber, K.; Arblaster, J.; Chen, D.; Colman, A.; Cubasch, U.; Cooper, C.; Delecluse, P.; Dewitt, D.; Fairhead, L.; Flato, G.; Hogan, T.; Ji, M.; Kimoto, M.; Kitoh, A.; Knutson, T.; Le Treut, H.; Li, T.; Manabe, S.; Marti, O.

An ensemble of twenty four coupled oceanatmosphere models has been compared with respect to and the interannual variability are investigated. The formance of the annual mean state, the seasonal cycle their performance in the tropical Pacific. The coupled primary quantity analysed is sea surface temperature models span a large portion of the parameter space and (SST). Additionally, the evolution of interannual heat differ in many respects. The intercomparison includes content variations in the tropical Pacific and the rela-TOGA (Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere)-type tionship between the interannual SST variations in the models and coatse resolution global atmosphere models, equatorial Pacific to fluctuations in the strength of the Indian summer monsoon are investigated. The results coarse-resolution global coupled models, and a few can be summarised as follows: almost all models (even global coupled models with high resolution in the those employing flux corrections) still have problems equatorial region in their ocean components. The per- in simulating the SST climatology, although some


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March 13, 2024

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