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Latin American Countercultures and the Third World: Internationalism, Geographic Imagination and Experimental Practices (1968-1980)

Bauler Pereira, Iuri

This dissertation examines how Latin American intellectuals and artists identified with the 1960s and 1970s counterculture engaged with the idea of the "Third World", and incorporated elements usually identified with Africa, Asia and Latin America to their experimental practices in writing, performance and film.

Drawing from an archive of experimental films, underground publications, alternative books, independent documentaries in 16mm and Super8, festival and conference documents, personal letters, travel diaries and notebooks, this dissertation analyzes how cultures and ideas from the Third World were depicted, reimagined and experienced by important Latin American countercultural figures from Brazil and Argentina: Miguel Grinberg, Glauber Rocha and a group of filmmakers and artists that visited Afro-Brazilian religious sites alongside the U.S. American group Living Theater in the 1970s.

The dissertation examines the engagement of these countercultural intellectuals with three specific transnational political projects in circulation during the Cold War – Inter-American, Tricontinental, and Afro-Asian– as instances of geographic imagination. The dissertation concludes that, in doing so, these Latin American countercultural intellectuals put forth an alternative internationalist vision for Latin America and the Third World, articulating a worldview that went beyond the political frames of the Cold War and the traditional forms of Latin American nationalism.


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Latin American and Iberian Cultures
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Montaldo, Graciela Raquel
Lee, Ana Paulina
Ph.D., Columbia University
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October 25, 2023