Blurred Boundaries

Gao, Junjian; Kenyon, Brittany; Choi, Yangwahn; Echavarria, Isaely; Jensen Leichter, Hope; Qiu, Ling

The unprecedented social disruptions resulting from the COIVD-19 Pandemic have resulted in rapid change within the family and home.  This paper uses semi-structured interviews with parents around the globe to examine the following reserach questions: 1. How have the spatial and temporal organizations of learning and working in the home been altered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic? 2. What are the alterations in the educational processes and the role of the family in response to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? We found that typical boundaries, those between the roles of family members, between work or school and home, and between leisure time and work time have been fundamentally blurred.  While some of these boundaries are more porous than others, families report fundamental shifts, temporary and permanent in the way they organize their home and family, spatially and temporally, and the roles they take on within the family.


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December 7, 2022