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Functional Two-Dimensional Superatomic Materials

He, Shoushou

This dissertation describes the synthesis of superatomic materials as well as their chemical modifications to tune properties and impart functions.

Chapter 1 gives a general introduction to the topics discussed in the later chapters. The discussion includes superatoms (molecular clusters) and superatomic materials. Chapter 2 discusses the site-selective surface modification of a two-dimensional (2D) superatomic semiconductor Re⁶Se⁸Cl² and its influence on the solution processibility of nanosheets. 2D superatomic Re⁶Se⁸Cl² will continue to be the focus of Chapters 3 and 4.

Chapter 3 discusses my efforts in advancing the surface modification of Re⁶Se⁸Cl² to build catalytically active monolayers on the surface of the superatomic nanosheets. Chapter 4 details an electrochemical doping method to significantly enhance the electrical transport properties of Re⁶Se⁸Cl². In Chapter 5, I will move onto discussing a molecular [Co⁶Se⁸] cluster.

I will detail my efforts on modifying the ligand coordination sphere, as well as its influence on the reactivity and electronic properties.


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Nuckolls, Colin P.
Roy, Xavier XR
Ph.D., Columbia University
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June 26, 2024