Identification and characterization of a new bocavirus species in gorillas

Amit Kapoor; Natasha Mehta; Frank Esper; Mateja Poljsak-Prijatelj; Phuong-Lan Quan; Natasha Qaisar; Eric Delwart; W. Ian Lipkin

Identification and characterization of a new bocavirus species in gorillas
Kapoor, Amit
Mehta, Natasha
Esper, Frank
Poljsak-Prijatelj, Mateja
Quan, Phuong-Lan
Qaisar, Natasha
Delwart, Eric
Lipkin, W. Ian
Center for Infection and Immunity
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Plos One
A novel parvovirus, provisionally named Gorilla Bocavirus species 1 (GBoV1), was identified in four stool samples from Western gorillas (Gorilla gorilla) with acute enteritis. The complete genomic sequence of the new parvovirus revealed three open reading frames (ORFs) with an organization similar to that of known bocaviruses. Phylogenetic analysis using complete capsid and non structural (NS) gene sequence suggested that the new parvovirus is most closely related to human bocaviruses (HBoV). However, the NS ORF is more similar in length to the NS ORF found in canine minute virus and bovine parvovirus than in HBoV. Comparative genetic analysis using GBoV and HBoV genomes enabled characterization of unique splice donor and acceptor sites that appear to be highly conserved among all four HBoV species, and provided evidence for expression of two different NS proteins in all primate bocaviruses. GBoV is the first non-human primate bocavirus identified and provides new insights into the genetic diversity and evolution of this highly prevalent and recently discovered group of parvoviruses.
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Amit Kapoor, Natasha Mehta, Frank Esper, Mateja Poljsak-Prijatelj, Phuong-Lan Quan, Natasha Qaisar, Eric Delwart, W. Ian Lipkin, , Identification and characterization of a new bocavirus species in gorillas, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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