Automatic 4-D Registration in Dynamic MR Renography

Ting Song; Vivian S. Lee; Henry Rusinek; Manmeen Kaur; Andrew F. Laine

Automatic 4-D Registration in Dynamic MR Renography
Song, Ting
Lee, Vivian S.
Rusinek, Henry
Kaur, Manmeen
Laine, Andrew F.
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Biomedical Engineering
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2005 27th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society : Shanghai, China, 31 August-03 September 2005 (Piscataway, N.J. : IEEE, 2005), pp. 3067-3070.
Dynamic contrast-enhanced 4-D MR renography has the potential for broad clinical applications, but suffers from respiratory motion that limits analysis and interpretation. Since each examination yields at least over 10 20 serial 3-D images of the abdomen, manual registration is prohibitively labor-intensive. Besides in-plane motion and translation, out-of-plane motion and rotation are observed in the image series. In this paper, a novel robust and automated technique for removing out-of-plane translation and rotation with sub-voxel accuracy in 4-D dynamic MR images is presented. The method was evaluated on simulated motion data derived directly from a clinical patient's data. The method was also tested on 24 clinical patient kidney data sets. Registration results were compared with a mutual information method, in which differences between manually co-registered time-intensity curves and tested time-intensity curves were compared. Evaluation results showed that our method agreed well with these ground truth data.
Biomedical engineering
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Ting Song, Vivian S. Lee, Henry Rusinek, Manmeen Kaur, Andrew F. Laine, , Automatic 4-D Registration in Dynamic MR Renography, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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