The THISL SDR system at TREC-8

Dave Abberley; Steve Renals; Daniel P. W. Ellis; Tony Robinson

The THISL SDR system at TREC-8
Abberley, Dave
Renals, Steve
Ellis, Daniel P. W.
Robinson, Tony
Electrical Engineering
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Information Technology: The Eighth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-8)
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Voorhees, Eugene
Harman, D. K.
National Institute of Standards and Technology
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Gaithersburg, MD
This paper describes the participation of the THISL group at the TREC-8 Spoken Document Retrieval (SDR) track. The THISL SDR system consists of the realtime version of the ABBOT large vocabulary speech recognition system and the THISLIR text retrieval system. The TREC-8 evaluation assessed SDR performance on a corpus of 500 hours of broadcast news material collected over a five month period. The main test condition involved retrieval of stories defined by manual segmentation of the corpus in which non-news material, such as commercials, were excluded. An optional test condition required required retrieval of the same stories from the unsegmented audio stream. The THISL SDR system participated at both test conditions. The results show that a system such as THISL can produce respectable information retrieval performance on a realistically-sized corpus of unsegmented audio material.
Electrical engineering
Artificial intelligence
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Dave Abberley, Steve Renals, Daniel P. W. Ellis, Tony Robinson, , The THISL SDR system at TREC-8, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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