Mitt Romney's Very Bad Week

Lincoln A. Mitchell

Mitt Romney's Very Bad Week
Mitchell, Lincoln A.
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As an inexperienced first-time candidate who had served only four years in elected office, Romney managed to barely beat out Mike Huckabee to secure a number two finish in the 2008 primaries, and was able to leverage that into frontrunner status in 2012. Last week, however, this all changed; at least it appeared to have changed. Romney lost two primaries last week, which is particularly noteworthy given that voters only voted in one state last week. However, in addition to finishing second to Gingrich in South Carolina, Romney also was stripped of his Iowa caucus victory as final vote tallies showed the winner in Iowa to be Rick Santorum. Romney's status as frontrunner was damaged by his bad week, but he still remains by far the most likely Republican to get the nomination.
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