What Can History Teach Us about the Next Pandemic?

George Korch; Erez Manela; Howard Markel; Randall Packard; David K. Rosner; Kavita Sivaramakrishnan; Stephen S. Morse

What Can History Teach Us about the Next Pandemic?
Korch, George
Manela, Erez
Markel, Howard
Packard, Randall
Rosner, David K.
Sivaramakrishnan, Kavita
Morse, Stephen S.
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Hertog Global Strategy Initiative
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Hertog Global Strategy Initiative Lecture Series
Columbia University
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New York
The Hertog Global Strategy Initiative is a research program that employs historical analysis to confront present and future problems in world politics. The 2011 topic is the History and Future of Pandemic Threats and Global Public Health. This panel discussion covers historical global pandemics and their lessons for the future. The speakers are George Korch, principal deputy assistant secretary for preparedness and response, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Erez Manela, professor of history, Harvard University; Howard Markel, director of the Center for the History of Medicine, University of Michigan; Randall Packard, professor of the history of medicine, Institute of the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University; David Rosner, co-director, Center for the History and Ethics of Public Health, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; Kavita Sivaramakrishnan, assistant professor, Department of Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. The panel is moderated by Stephen Morse, professor of clinical epidemiology, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and director, USAID PREDICT Program.
Public health
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George Korch, Erez Manela, Howard Markel, Randall Packard, David K. Rosner, Kavita Sivaramakrishnan, Stephen S. Morse, , What Can History Teach Us about the Next Pandemic?, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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