Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure that Supports the Urban Built Environment

Carol Boyle; Gavin Mudd; James R. Mihelcic; Paul Anastas; Terry Collins; Patricia J. Culligan; Marc Edwards; Jeremy Gabe; Patricia Gallagher; Susan Handy; Jehng-Jung Kao; Susan Krumdieck; Lionel D. Lyles; Ian Mason; Ron Mcdowall; Annie Pearce; Chris Riedy; John Russell; Jerald L. Schnoor; Maya Trotz; Roger Venables; Julie B. Zimmerman; Valerie Fuchs; Sarah Miller; Shannon Page; Karen Reeder-Emery

Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure that Supports the Urban Built Environment
Boyle, Carol
Mudd, Gavin
Mihelcic, James R.
Anastas, Paul
Collins, Terry
Culligan, Patricia J.
Edwards, Marc
Gabe, Jeremy
Gallagher, Patricia
Handy, Susan
Kao, Jehng-Jung
Krumdieck, Susan
Lyles, Lionel D.
Mason, Ian
Mcdowall, Ron
Pearce, Annie
Riedy, Chris
Russell, John
Schnoor, Jerald L.
Trotz, Maya
Venables, Roger
Zimmerman, Julie B.
Fuchs, Valerie
Miller, Sarah
Page, Shannon
Reeder-Emery, Karen
Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
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Environmental Science & Technology
Reprinted with permission from Environmental Science & Technology. Copyright 2010 American Chemical Society.
Over 50% of the global population now lives in urban areas. Over the past century, urban areas have expanded at a greater rate than population growth, increasing requirements for resources and producing greater impacts on the natural environment. Urban societies have also changed, with a greater diversity of cultures, high population densities, and rising demand for services, resulting in an increasing complexity of human urban systems. Urban systems influence and are influenced by infrastructure systems, which affect the design and management of the built, social, and natural environments, including future infrastructure decisions.
Environmental sciences
City planning
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Carol Boyle, Gavin Mudd, James R. Mihelcic, Paul Anastas, Terry Collins, Patricia J. Culligan, Marc Edwards, Jeremy Gabe, Patricia Gallagher, Susan Handy, Jehng-Jung Kao, Susan Krumdieck, Lionel D. Lyles, Ian Mason, Ron Mcdowall, Annie Pearce, Chris Riedy, John Russell, Jerald L. Schnoor, Maya Trotz, Roger Venables, Julie B. Zimmerman, Valerie Fuchs, Sarah Miller, Shannon Page, Karen Reeder-Emery, , Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure that Supports the Urban Built Environment, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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