Nosocomial outbreak of novel arenavirus infection, Southern Africa

Janusz T. Paweska; Nivesh H. Sewlall; Thomas G. Ksiazek; Lucille H. Blumberg; Martin J. Hale; W. Ian Lipkin; Jacqueline Weyer; Stuart T. Nichol; Pierre E. Rollin; Laura K. McMullan; Christopher D. Paddock; Thomas Briese; Joy Mnyaluza; Thu-Ha Dinh; Victor Mukonka; Pamela Ching; Adriano Duse; Guy Richards; Gillian De Jong; Cheryl Cohen; Bridget Ikalafeng; Charles Mugero; Chika Asomugha; Mirriam M. Malotle; Dorothy M. Nteo; Eunice Misiani; Robert Swanepoel; Sherif R. Zaki

Nosocomial outbreak of novel arenavirus infection, Southern Africa
Paweska, Janusz T.
Sewlall, Nivesh H.
Ksiazek, Thomas G.
Blumberg, Lucille H.
Hale, Martin J.
Lipkin, W. Ian
Weyer, Jacqueline
Nichol, Stuart T.
Rollin, Pierre E.
McMullan, Laura K.
Paddock, Christopher D.
Briese, Thomas
Mnyaluza, Joy
Dinh, Thu-Ha
Mukonka, Victor
Ching, Pamela
Duse, Adriano
Richards, Guy
De Jong, Gillian
Cohen, Cheryl
Ikalafeng, Bridget
Mugero, Charles
Asomugha, Chika
Malotle, Mirriam M.
Nteo, Dorothy M.
Misiani, Eunice
Swanepoel, Robert
Zaki, Sherif R.
Center for Infection and Immunity
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Emerging Infectious Diseases
A nosocomial outbreak of disease involving 5 patients, 4 of whom died, occurred in South Africa during September—October 2008. The first patient had been transferred from Zambia to South Africa for medical management. Three cases involved secondary spread of infection from the first patient, and 1 was a tertiary infection. A novel arenavirus was identified. The source of the first patient's infection remains undetermined.
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Janusz T. Paweska, Nivesh H. Sewlall, Thomas G. Ksiazek, Lucille H. Blumberg, Martin J. Hale, W. Ian Lipkin, Jacqueline Weyer, Stuart T. Nichol, Pierre E. Rollin, Laura K. McMullan, Christopher D. Paddock, Thomas Briese, Joy Mnyaluza, Thu-Ha Dinh, Victor Mukonka, Pamela Ching, Adriano Duse, Guy Richards, Gillian De Jong, Cheryl Cohen, Bridget Ikalafeng, Charles Mugero, Chika Asomugha, Mirriam M. Malotle, Dorothy M. Nteo, Eunice Misiani, Robert Swanepoel, Sherif R. Zaki, , Nosocomial outbreak of novel arenavirus infection, Southern Africa, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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