A Runtime Adaptation Framework for Native C and Bytecode Applications

Rean Griffith; Gail E. Kaiser

A Runtime Adaptation Framework for Native C and Bytecode Applications
Griffith, Rean
Kaiser, Gail E.
Computer Science
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Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports
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Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
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New York
The need for self-healing software to respond with a reactive, proactive or preventative action as a result of changes in its environment has added the non-functional requirement of adaptation to the list of facilities expected in self-managing systems. The adaptations we are concerned with assist with problem detection, diagnosis and remediation. Many existing computing systems do not include such adaptation mechanisms, as a result these systems either need to be re-designed to include them or there needs to be a mechanism for retro-fitting these mechanisms. The purpose of the adaptation mechanisms is to ease the job of the system administrator with respect to managing software systems. This paper introduces Kheiron, a framework for facilitating adaptations in running programs in a variety of execution environments without requiring the redesign of the application. Kheiron manipulates compiled C programs running in an unmanaged execution environment as well as programs running in Microsoft's Common Language Runtime and SunMicrosystems' Java VirtualMachine. We present case-studies and experiments that demonstrate the feasibility of using Kheiron to support self-healing systems. We also describe the concepts and techniques used to retro-fit adaptations onto existing systems in the various execution environments.
Computer science
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Rean Griffith, Gail E. Kaiser, , A Runtime Adaptation Framework for Native C and Bytecode Applications, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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