Dynamic Adaptation of Temporal Event Correlation Rules

Rean Griffith; Gail E. Kaiser; Joseph Hellerstein; Yixin Diao

Dynamic Adaptation of Temporal Event Correlation Rules
Griffith, Rean
Kaiser, Gail E.
Hellerstein, Joseph
Diao, Yixin
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Computer Science Technical Report Series
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Temporal event correlation is essential to realizing self-managing distributed systems. Autonomic controllers often require that events be correlated across multiple components using rule patterns with timer-based transitions, e.g., to detect denial of service attacks and to warn of staging problems with business critical applications. This short paper discusses automatic adjustment of timer values for event correlation rules, in particular compensating for the variability of event propagation delays due to factors such as contention for network and server resources. We describe a corresponding Management Station architecture and present experimental studies on a testbed system that suggest that this approach can produce results at least as good as an optimal fixed setting of timer values.
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Rean Griffith, Gail E. Kaiser, Joseph Hellerstein, Yixin Diao, , Dynamic Adaptation of Temporal Event Correlation Rules, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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