Integrating Transaction Services into Web-based Software Development Environments

Jack Jingshuang Yang; Gail E. Kaiser; Stephen E. Dossick; Wenyu Jiang

Integrating Transaction Services into Web-based Software Development Environments
Yang, Jack Jingshuang
Kaiser, Gail E.
Dossick, Stephen E.
Jiang, Wenyu
Computer Science
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Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports
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Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
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New York
Software Development Environments (SDE) require sophisticated database transaction models due to the long-duration,interactive, and cooperative nature of the software engineering activities. Such Extended Transaction Models (ETM) have been proposed and implemented by building application-specific databases for the SDEs. With the development of World Wide Web (WWW), there have been a number of efforts to build SDEs on top of the WWW. Using web servers as the databases to store the software artifacts provided us with a new challenge: how to implement the ETMs in such web-based SDEs without requiring the web servers to be customized specifically according to the application domains of the SDEs. This paper presents our experiences of integrating transaction services into web based SDEs. We evolved from the traditional approach of building a transaction management component that operated on top of a dedicated database to the external transaction server approach. A transaction server, called JPernLite, was built to operate independently of the web servers and provide the necessary extensibility for SDEs to implement their ETMs. The transaction server can be integrated into the SDE via a number of interfaces, and we discuss the pros and cons of each alternative in detail.
Computer science
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Jack Jingshuang Yang, Gail E. Kaiser, Stephen E. Dossick, Wenyu Jiang, , Integrating Transaction Services into Web-based Software Development Environments, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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