The Meeting Project at ICSI

Nelson Morgan; Don Baron; Jane Edwards; Daniel P. W. Ellis; David Gelbart; Adam Janin; Thilo Pfau; Elizabeth Shriberg; Andreas Stolcke

The Meeting Project at ICSI
Morgan, Nelson
Baron, Don
Edwards, Jane
Ellis, Daniel P. W.
Gelbart, David
Janin, Adam
Pfau, Thilo
Shriberg, Elizabeth
Stolcke, Andreas
Electrical Engineering
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HLT 2001: Human Language Technology Conference: Proceedings of HLT 2001: First International Conference on Human Language Technology Research: March 18-21, 2001, San Diego, California
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Allan, James
Morgan Kaufmann
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San Francisco
In collaboration with colleagues at UW, OGI, IBM, and SRI, we are developing technology to process spoken language from informal meetings. The work includes a substantial data collection and transcription effort, and has required a nontrivial degree of infrastructure development. We are undertaking this because the new task area provides a significant challenge to current HLT capabilities, while offering the promise of a wide range of potential applications. In this paper, we give our vision of the task, the challenges it represents, and the current state of our development, with particular attention to automatic transcription.
Electrical engineering
Artificial intelligence
Technical communication
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Nelson Morgan, Don Baron, Jane Edwards, Daniel P. W. Ellis, David Gelbart, Adam Janin, Thilo Pfau, Elizabeth Shriberg, Andreas Stolcke, 2001, The Meeting Project at ICSI, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:13797.

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