Map and Track: State Initiatives for Young Children and Families, 2000 Edition

Nancy K. Cauthen; Jane Knitzer; Carol H. Ripple

Map and Track: State Initiatives for Young Children and Families, 2000 Edition
Cauthen, Nancy K.
Knitzer, Jane
Ripple, Carol H.
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National Center for Children in Poverty
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New York
This new edition updates and expands the information in the 1998 Map and Track on the level of commitment to young children and families across the states. It continues to map state initiatives for young children and families (child development and family support programs, and early childhood systems development efforts) and track them over time. The new edition profiles state efforts to promote family economic security, specifically through refundable tax credits, state minimum wage laws, child care subsidies, health insurance, and food and nutrition benefits. Overall, significant growth has occurred in state child development and family support efforts since Map and Track 1998. But gains have been uneven and efforts to promote family economic security also vary widely. No single state made significant efforts across all the family economic security indicators in addition to making substantial investments in child development and family support. Nonetheless, a small number of states are making strong efforts across both of these areas.
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