Models for Campus-Based Publishing

Maria Bonn; Monica McCormick; Charles Watkinson; Lisa R. Norberg

Models for Campus-Based Publishing
Bonn, Maria
McCormick, Monica
Watkinson, Charles
Norberg, Lisa R.
Interviews and roundtables
Scholarly Communication Program, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, Libraries and Information Services
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As both academic libraries and university presses struggle with budget pressures and the increasing dominance of networked technology in scholarly publishing, many institutions are establishing library-press partnerships in an effort to rethink the role universities play in scholarly communication. These relatively new collaborations vary in their organizational structure and priorities. What institutional factors influence how the library-press collaborations are structured, and how do the priorities and projects of different partnerships compare? Panelists: Maria Bonn, Associate University Librarian for Publishing at the University of Michigan Library; Monica McCormick, Program Officer for Digital Scholarly Publishing at New York University, reporting jointly to the Division of Libraries and NYU Press; and Charles Watkinson, Director of Purdue University Press, a unit of Purdue University Libraries.
Higher education
Information science
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Maria Bonn, Monica McCormick, Charles Watkinson, Lisa R. Norberg, 2011, Models for Campus-Based Publishing, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:14225.

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