Who Pays for Open Access?

Mike Rossner; Ivy Anderson; Bettina Goerner; Kathleen M. Dreyer

Who Pays for Open Access?
Rossner, Mike
Anderson, Ivy
Goerner, Bettina
Dreyer, Kathleen M.
Interviews and roundtables
Scholarly Communication Program, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, Libraries and Information Services
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Is publishing an open-access journal good business? And for whom? Many in the academic community agree that the goal of open access—increasing the availability and usability of the results of research and scholarship—is laudable. Yet there is great uncertainty about the financial viability of open-access journals. Will authors have to pay publication fees out of their own pockets? Can universities afford to support open-access journals? Can respected journals convert to open access and survive? The panelists consider which models hold the most promise for sustainable open-access publishing. Panelists: Mike Rossner, Executive Director of the Rockefeller University Press; Ivy Anderson, Director of Collection Development and Management at the California Digital Library; and Bettina Goerner, Manager of Open Access for Springer.
Higher education
Intellectual property
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Mike Rossner, Ivy Anderson, Bettina Goerner, Kathleen M. Dreyer, 2010, Who Pays for Open Access?, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:14147.

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