Software Development Environments for Very Large Software Systems

Gail E. Kaiser; Yoelle S. Maarek; Dewayne E. Perry; Robert W. Schwanke

Software Development Environments for Very Large Software Systems
Kaiser, Gail E.
Maarek, Yoelle S.
Perry, Dewayne E.
Schwanke, Robert W.
Technical reports
Computer Science
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This technical report consists of the three related papers. Living with Inconsistency in Large Systems describes CONMAN, an environment that identifies and tracks version inconsistencies, permitting debugging and testing to proceed even though the executable image contains certain non-fatal inconsistencies. The next two papers are both from the INFUSE project. Change Management for Very Large Software Systems presents the new non-Euclidean hierarchical clustering algorithm used by the INFUSE change management system to cluster modules according to the strengths of their interdependencies. Models of Software Development Environments presents a general model of software development environments consisting of three components - policies, mechanisms and structures - and classifies existing and proposed environments into the individual, family, city and state classes according to the size of projects that could be adequately supported.
Computer science
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Gail E. Kaiser, Yoelle S. Maarek, Dewayne E. Perry, Robert W. Schwanke, 1987, Software Development Environments for Very Large Software Systems, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:11847.

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