A Highly Parallel VLSI-Based Subsystem of the NON-VON Database Machine

David Elliot Shaw; Hussein Ibrahim; Jim Andrews; Gio Wiederhold

A Highly Parallel VLSI-Based Subsystem of the NON-VON Database Machine
Shaw, David Elliot
Ibrahim, Hussein
Andrews, Jim
Wiederhold, Gio
Technical reports
Computer Science
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Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
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New York
The NON·VON machine (portions ot which are presently under construction in the Department of Computer Science at Columbia, in cooperation with the Knowledge Base Management Systems Project at Stanford) was designed to apply computational parallelism on a rather massive scale to a large share or the information processing functions now performed by digital computers. The NON·VON architecture comprises a tree-structured Primary Processing Subsystem (PPS), which we are implementing using custom nMOS VLSI chips, and a Secondary Processing Subsystem (SPS) incorporating modified highly intelligent disk drives. NON-VON should permit particularly dramatic performance improvements in very large scale data manipulation tasks, including relational database operations and external sorting. This paper includes a brief overview of the NON-VON project and a more detailed discussion of the structure and function or the PPS unit and its constituent processing elements.
Computer science
Information science
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David Elliot Shaw, Hussein Ibrahim, Jim Andrews, Gio Wiederhold, 1981, A Highly Parallel VLSI-Based Subsystem of the NON-VON Database Machine, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:11477.

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