Site 503: Eastern Equatorial Pacific

Warren L. Prell; James V. Gardner; Charles Adelseck; Gretchen Blechschmidt; Andrew Fleet; Lloyd Keigwin; Dennis V. Kent; Michael T. Ledbetter; Ulrich Mann; Larry A. Mayer; William R. Riedel; Constance Sancetta; Dann J. Spariosu; Herman B. Zimmerman

Site 503: Eastern Equatorial Pacific
Prell, Warren L.
Gardner, James V.
Adelseck, Charles
Blechschmidt, Gretchen
Fleet, Andrew
Keigwin, Lloyd
Kent, Dennis V.
Ledbetter, Michael T.
Mann, Ulrich
Mayer, Larry A.
Riedel, William R.
Sancetta, Constance
Spariosu, Dann J.
Zimmerman, Herman B.
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
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Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project
Our primary objective at Site 503 (Fig. 1) was to re- cover a complete, undisturbed Neogene and Quaternary section in the eastern equatorial Pacific. Site 503 is located near Site 83 in an area that contains an almost continuous pelagic record of the past 10 m.y. (Hays et al., 1972). Unfortunately, Site 83 was only spot-cored, and the recovered sediment is so badly disturbed by rotary drilling that most of the detailed record is lost. The section has an average sedimentation rate of 2.0 to 2.5 cm/k.y. with good-to-moderate preservation of all the major microfossil groups. We returned to Site 83 to core the same section, using the Hydraulic Piston Corer (HPC) to obtain an undisturbed, continuous section for high-resolution stratigraphic studies.
Sedimentary geology
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Warren L. Prell, James V. Gardner, Charles Adelseck, Gretchen Blechschmidt, Andrew Fleet, Lloyd Keigwin, Dennis V. Kent, Michael T. Ledbetter, Ulrich Mann, Larry A. Mayer, William R. Riedel, Constance Sancetta, Dann J. Spariosu, Herman B. Zimmerman, 1982, Site 503: Eastern Equatorial Pacific, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:11127.

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