Issue Brief: Women/Gender Issues and Bi/Multiracial Identity

Nicholas Miyares; Raymond Arthur Smith

Issue Brief: Women/Gender Issues and Bi/Multiracial Identity
Miyares, Nicholas
Smith, Raymond Arthur
Political Science
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Majority Rule and Minority Rights Issue Briefs
Women are often considered to share a similar experience in their struggle against institutionalized and de facto sexism. However, it is often overlooked that "women", just as much as men, form an enormously diverse bloc of society—and that fraught with such racial and ethnic diversity, comes equally diverse experiences. Within this context, when analyzing women/gender issues in the United States it is paramount that one take into account the multiple layers of identity—specifically racial and ethnic—that comprise a woman and the formulation of her political and social views. Furthermore, it is equally important to analyze the experiences of women of various ethnic and racial identities—especially considering the rise in multi-racial individuals in the United States and the complications fraught with classifying them in broad categories.
Women's studies
Gender studies
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Nicholas Miyares, Raymond Arthur Smith, 2010, Issue Brief: Women/Gender Issues and Bi/Multiracial Identity, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:10904.

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