Quantitative evaluation of wavelet-based image processing algorithms

Zhenxue Jing; Yisheng Zheng; Walter Huda; Andrew F. Laine; Jian Fan; Yunong Xing

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Quantitative evaluation of wavelet-based image processing algorithms
Jing, Zhenxue
Zheng, Yisheng
Huda, Walter
Laine, Andrew F.
Fan, Jian
Xing, Yunong
Biomedical Engineering
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Wavelet applications in signal and image processing II : 27-29 July 1994, San Diego, California ; Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 2303
Wavelet analysis is currently being investigated as an image enhancement tool for use in mammography. Although this approach to image processing appears to have great promise, there remain major uncertainties regarding an optimal form of wavelet based algorithms. It is, therefore, desirable to have a quantitative method for evaluating a wavelet based image processing algorithm. Optimization of algorithms prior to evaluation using standard Receiver Operating Characteristic method is made possible. A mathematical method has been developed where the input signal is a gaussian with added random noise. An enhancement factor (EF) is obtained from input and output signal-to-noise ratios, SNRi and SNRo, (EF equals SNRo/SNRi). The development and testing of this method is described, and a practical application in given showing the major features of a wavelet based image processing algorithm based on the Frazier-Jawerth transform.
Biomedical engineering
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Zhenxue Jing, Yisheng Zheng, Walter Huda, Andrew F. Laine, Jian Fan, Yunong Xing, 1994, Quantitative evaluation of wavelet-based image processing algorithms, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:9543.

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