Symmetry Identification Using Partial Surface Matching and Tilt Correction in 3D Brain Images

Sheena Xin Liu; Celina Z. Imielinska; Andrew F. Laine; Edward S. Connolly; Anthony L. D'Ambrosio

Symmetry Identification Using Partial Surface Matching and Tilt Correction in 3D Brain Images
Liu, Sheena Xin
Imielinska, Celina Z.
Laine, Andrew F.
Connolly, Edward S.
D'Ambrosio, Anthony L.
Biomedical Engineering
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2006 28th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: New York, NY, 30 August-3 September 2006
We propose a novel method to automatically compute the symmetry plane and correct the 3D orientation of patient brain images. Many images of the brain are clinically unreadable because of the misalignment of the patient's head in the scanner. We proposed an algorithm that represents the brain volume as a re-parameterized surface point cloud where each location has been parameterized by its elevation (latitude), azimuth (longitude) and radius. The removal of the interior contents of the brain makes this approach perform robustly in the presence of the brain pathologies, e.g. tumor, stroke and bleed. Thus, we decompose the symmetry plane computation problem into a surface matching routine. The search for the best matching surface is implemented in a multi-resolution paradigm so as to decrease computational time considerably. Spatial affine transform then is performed to rotate the 3D brain images and align them within the coordinate system of the scanner. The corrected brain volume is re-sliced such that each planar image represents the brain at the same axial level.
Biomedical engineering
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