A Microrobotic System For Protein Streak Seeding

Atanas Georgiev; Peter K. Allen; Ting Song; Andrew F. Laine; William Edstrom; John F. Hunt

A Microrobotic System For Protein Streak Seeding
Georgiev, Atanas
Allen, Peter K.
Song, Ting
Laine, Andrew F.
Edstrom, William
Hunt, John F.
Technical reports
Computer Science
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We present a microrobotic system for protein crystal micromanipulation tasks. The focus in this report is on a task called streak seeding, which is used by crystallographers to entice certain protein crystals to grow. Our system features a set of custom designed micropositioner end-effectors we call microshovels to replace traditional tools used by crystallographers for this task. We have used micro-electrical mechanical system (MEMS) techniques to design and manufacture various shapes and quantities of microshovels. Visual feedback from a camera mounted on the microscope is used to control the micropositioner as it lowers a microshovel into the liquid containing the crystals for poking and streaking. We present experimental results that illustrate the applicability of our approach.
Computer science
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Atanas Georgiev, Peter K. Allen, Ting Song, Andrew F. Laine, William Edstrom, John F. Hunt, 2004, A Microrobotic System For Protein Streak Seeding, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:29243.

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