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5. Approaching a thermal tipping point in the Eurasian boreal forest at its southern margin

7. A Spatiotemporal Assessment of Extreme Cold in Northwestern North America Following the Unidentified 1809 CE Volcanic Eruption

10. Characteristics of ringed seal Pusa hispida (‘natchiq’) denning habitat in Kotzebue Sound, Alaska, during a year of limited sea ice and snow

19. Distributed Agency in the Novel

22. Evidence-Based Assessment of Congenital Heart Disease Genes to Enable Returning Results in a Genomic Study

36. SIPN South: six years of coordinated seasonal Antarctic sea ice predictions

43. The Longleaf Tree-Ring Network: Reviewing and expanding the utility of Pinus palustris Mill. Dendrochronological data

44. The Next Space Frontier: Your Backyard

47. Towards monitoring stem growth phenology from space with high resolution satellite data