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5. From California’s Extreme Drought to Major Flooding: Evaluating and Synthesizing Experimental Seasonal and Subseasonal Forecasts of Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers and Extreme Precipitation during Winter 2022/23

15. The biological basis for using optical signals to track evergreen needleleaf photosynthesis

27. Approaching a thermal tipping point in the Eurasian boreal forest at its southern margin

33. A Spatiotemporal Assessment of Extreme Cold in Northwestern North America Following the Unidentified 1809 CE Volcanic Eruption

35. A synergistic future for AI and ecology

41. Characteristics of ringed seal Pusa hispida (‘natchiq’) denning habitat in Kotzebue Sound, Alaska, during a year of limited sea ice and snow

47. Combination Microfinance and HIV Risk Reduction Among Women Engaged in Sex Work

61. Distributed Agency in the Novel

64. Economic Abuse and Care-seeking Practices for HIV and Financial Support Services in Women Employed by Sex Work: A Cross-Sectional Baseline Assessment of a Clinical Trial Cohort in Uganda

67. Ensuring societal considerations are met when translating science into policy for sustainable food system transformation

68. Evidence-Based Assessment of Congenital Heart Disease Genes to Enable Returning Results in a Genomic Study

76. Four ways blue foods can help achieve food system ambitions across nations

82. How Social Considerations Improve the Equity and Effectiveness of Ecosystem Restoration