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103. Temporal Stability Of Posterior EEG Alpha Over Twelve Years

104. Test-retest Reliability Of Cerebral Blood Flow In Healthy Individuals Using Arterial Spin Labeling: Findings From The Embarc Study

111. A Comparison Of Structural Connectivity In Anxious Depression Versus Non-anxious Depression

113. Allele-specific Expression Reveals Interactions Between Genetic Variation And Environment

116. An Analysis Of Two Genome-wide Association Meta-analyses Identifies A New Locus For Broad Depression Phenotype

122. Beginning IPT

124. Cortical Thickness Is Not Associated With Current Depression In A Clinical Treatment Study: Association Of Cortical Thickness And Depression

125. Demonstrating Test-retest Reliability Of Electrophysiological Measures For Healthy Adults In A Multisite Study Of Biomarkers Of Antidepressant Treatment Response: Reliability Of Eeg Measures In Embarc Multisite Study

132. Genetic Effects Influencing Risk For Major Depressive Disorder In China And Europe

133. Genome-wide Association For Major Depression Through Age At Onset Stratification: Major Depressive Disorder Working Group Of The Psychiatric Genomics Consortium

135. High levels of adherence to a rectal microbicide gel and to oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) achieved in MTN-017 among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women

141. Maternal PTSD and corresponding neural activity mediate effects of child exposure to violence on child PTSD symptoms

146. Neuroticism And Individual Differences In Neural Function In Unmedicated Major Depression: Findings From The Embarc Study

149. Polygenic Scores For Major Depressive Disorder And Risk Of Alcohol Dependence

163. Sexual assault incidents among college undergraduates: Prevalence and factors associated with risk

166. Statistical Analysis Plan For Stage 1 Embarc (establishing Moderators And Biosignatures Of Antidepressant Response For Clinical Care) Study

169. Ten simple rules for responsible big data research

171. The Incremental Predictive Validity Of Rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex Activity In Relation To Treatment Response In Depression: Evidence From The Embarc Study

183. A Comprehensive Examination Of White Matter Tracts And Connectometry In Major Depressive Disorder

186. Analysis Of Shared Heritability In Common Disorders Of The Brain

195. Constance E. Lieber, Theodore R. Stanley, And The Enduring Impact Of Philanthropy On Psychiatry Research

199. Development of a Rapid Insulin Assay by Homogenous Time-Resolved Fluorescence