Electrospinning of Carboxymethyl Chitosan/Polyoxyethylene Oxide Nanofibers for Fruit Fresh-Keeping

Yue, Tian-Tian; Li, Xiao; Wang, Xiao-Xiong; Yan, Xu; Yu, Miao; Ma, Jian-Wei; Zhou, Yu; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Long, Yun-Ze

Electrospinning provides an effective method for generating nanofibers from solution of carboxymethyl chitosan/polyoxyethylene oxide (CMCS/PEO). The goal of this work is to explore the potential application of electrospun CMCS/PEO nanofiber membrane in fruit fresh-keeping. The microstructure, antibacterial activity, hydrophilia, and air permeability of the nanofiber membrane have been tested. For comparison, the fresh-keeping effects of commercial cling wrap and CMCS/PEO nanofiber membranes on strawberries’ rotting rate and weight loss rate have been studied. The results indicate that the electrospun CMCS/PEO membrane could effectively avoid water loss in strawberries and has a remarkable effect to prolong strawberries’ shelf life due to its breathability and antibacterial activity. In addition, the composite CMCS/PEO, nanofiber membrane is non-poisonous and edible, which can be used in food industry.


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October 5, 2018


Electrospinning, Fresh-keeping, Strawberries, Nanofiber membrane