Oligocene magnetostratigraphy from Equatorial Pacific sediments (ODP Sites 1218 and 1219, Leg 199)

Lanci, Luca; Pares, Josep M.; Channell, James E. T.; Kent, Dennis V.

An Oligocene magnetostratigraphy from ODP Sites 1218 and 1219 (Equatorial Pacific) has been obtained by measurements made on u-channel samples, augmented by about 221 discrete samples. U-channel samples were measured at 1 cm intervals and were stepwise demagnetized in alternating fields (AF) up to a maximum peak field of 80 mT. The magnetization directions were determined at 1 cm intervals by principal component analysis of demagnetization steps in the 20 to 60 mT peak field range. A similar treatment was carried out on the discrete samples, which confirmed the results obtained with u-channel measurements. Sites 1218 and 1219 were precisely correlated based on multisensor track, paleontological and shipboard magnetostratigraphic data; this correlation is substantiated by u-channel measurements. Although the magnetostratigraphy obtained from the u-channels is similar to the interpretation deduced from shipboard measurements based on blanket demagnetization at peak AF of 20 mT, the u-channel results are substantially more robust since many interpretative uncertainties are resolved by the stepwise demagnetization and higher stratigraphic resolution. The temporal resolution of u-channel-based magnetic stratigraphy in the Oligocene section of Sites 1218 and 1219 is better than 5 kyr, and it is therefore suitable for detection of brief polarity subchrons. However, in spite of the high resolution, we did not find any reversals corresponding to the numerous cryptochrons identified in this time span by Cande and Kent [S.C. Cande, D.V. Kent, Revised calibration of the geomagnetic polarity time scale for the Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic, J. Geophys. Res. 100 (1995) 6093–6095].



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December 6, 2011