Trends in alcohol and tobacco use among Brazilian students: 1989 to 2010

Zila M. Sanchez; Mariangela Cainelli Oliveira Prado; Adriana Sanudo; Elisaldo A. Carlini; Solange A. Nappo; Silvia S. Martins

Trends in alcohol and tobacco use among Brazilian students: 1989 to 2010
Sanchez, Zila M.
Prado, Mariangela Cainelli Oliveira
Sanudo, Adriana
Carlini, Elisaldo A.
Nappo, Solange A.
Martins, Silvia S.
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Revista de Saúde Pública
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Objective: To analyze temporal trends of the prevalence of alcohol and tobacco use among Brazilian students. Methods: We analyzed data published between 1989 and 2010 from five epidemiological surveys on students from the 6th to the 12th grade of public schools from the ten largest state capitals of Brazil. The total sample consisted of 104,104 students and data were collected in classrooms. The same collection tool – a World Health Organization self-reporting questionnaire – and sampling and weighting procedures were used in the five surveys. The Chi-square test for trend was used to compare the prevalence from different years. Results: The prevalence of alcohol and tobacco use varied among the years and cities studied. Alcohol consumption decreased in the 10 state capitals (p < 0.001) throughout 21 years. Tobacco use also decreased significantly in eight cities (p < 0.001). The highest prevalence of alcohol use was found in the Southeast region in 1993 (72.8%, in Belo Horizonte) and the lowest one in Belem (30.6%) in 2010. The highest past-year prevalence of tobacco use was found in the South region in 1997 (28.0%, in Curitiba) and the lowest one in the Southeast in 2010 (7.8%, in Sao Paulo). Conclusions: The decreasing trend in the prevalence of tobacco and alcohol use among students detected all over the Country can be related to the successful and comprehensive Brazilian antitobacco and antialcohol policies. Despite these results, the past-year prevalence of alcohol consumption in the past year remained high in all Brazilian regions.
Tobacco use
Teenagers--Tobacco use
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Teenagers--Alcohol use
Youth--Alcohol use
Drinking of alcoholic beverages
Brazilian students
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Zila M. Sanchez, Mariangela Cainelli Oliveira Prado, Adriana Sanudo, Elisaldo A. Carlini, Solange A. Nappo, Silvia S. Martins, , Trends in alcohol and tobacco use among Brazilian students: 1989 to 2010, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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