Report on Permanent Weight Loss

Roberta Russell

Report on Permanent Weight Loss
Russell, Roberta
Health and Behavior Studies
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This report on what is known about permanent weight loss will inform the reader of research results unencumbered by the mystification and misrepresentations that abound. Its purpose is to dispel wishful thinking and offer instead the hard-won facts that research reveals. Relevant evidence will be examined with the intent of turning these findings to account. However daunting the current pandemic of obesity is, knowing what works most effectively to cause permanent weight loss (defined here as a five-year sustained loss) is the most powerful tool available to turn the tide in a more healthful direction. Anyone who is able to use what has been learned from research findings will have a better chance at achieving life-long weight loss. If one has sufficient motivation and opportunity to do what is necessary to create a lifestyle that ensures a calorie deficit, followed by a calorie and exercise balance, one can reach and maintain a normal body weight for life. With the power of sufficient motivation, even those who are less determined can use what has been discerned from research outcomes to lose enough weight to improve their health and well-being.
Weight loss
Medical sciences
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