Misuse Detection in Consent-based Networks

Mansoor Alicherry; Angelos D. Keromytis

Misuse Detection in Consent-based Networks
Alicherry, Mansoor
Keromytis, Angelos D.
Computer Science
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Applied Cryptography and Network Security: 9th International Conference, ACNS 2011, Nerja, Spain, June 7-10, 2011: Proceedings
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Lopez, Javier
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Consent-based networking, which requires senders to have permission to send traffic, can protect against multiple attacks on the network. Highly dynamic networks like Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) require destination-based consent networking, where consent needs to be given to send to a destination in any path. These networks are susceptible to multipath misuses by misbehaving nodes. In this paper, we identify the misuses in destination-based consent networking, and provide solution for detecting and recovering from the misuses. Our solution is based on our previously introduced DIPLOMA architecture. DIPLOMA is a deny-by-default distributed policy enforcement architecture that can protect the end-host services and network bandwidth. DIPLOMA uses capabilities to provide consent for sending traffic. In this paper, we identify how senders and receivers can misuse capabilities by using them in multiple paths, and provide distributed solutions for detecting those misuses. To that end, we modify the capabilities to aid in misuse detection and provide protocols for exchanging information for distributed detection. We also provide efficient algorithms for misuse detection, and protocols for providing proof of misuse. Our solutions can handle privacy issues associated with the exchange of information for misuse detection. We have implemented the misuse detection and recovery in DIPLOMA systems running on Linux operating systems, and conducted extensive experimental evaluation of the system in Orbit MANET testbed. The results show our system is effective in detecting and containing multipath misuses.
Computer science
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Mansoor Alicherry, Angelos D. Keromytis, , Misuse Detection in Consent-based Networks, Columbia University Academic Commons, .

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