Prediction of Rice Production in the Philippines using Seasonal Climate Forecasts

Naohisa Koide; Anthony Lucero; Andrew W. Robertson; Amor Valeriano M. Ines; Jianhua Qian; David G. DeWitt

Prediction of Rice Production in the Philippines using Seasonal Climate Forecasts
Koide, Naohisa
Lucero, Anthony
Robertson, Andrew W.
Ines, Amor Valeriano M.
Qian, Jianhua
DeWitt, David G.
International Research Institute for Climate and Society
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Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology
Predictive skills of retrospective seasonal climate forecasts tailored to Philippine rice production data at national, regional, and provincial levels are investigated using precipitation hindcasts from one uncoupled general circulation model (GCM) and two coupled GCMs, as well as using antecedent observations of tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures, warm water volume and zonal winds (WWV and ZW). Contrasting cross-validated predictive skills are found between the “dry” January–June and “rainy” July–December crop-production seasons. For the dry season, both irrigated and rainfed rice production are shown to depend strongly on rainfall in the previous October to December. Furthermore, rice-crop hindcasts based on the two coupled GCMs, or on the observed WWV and ZW, are each able to account for more than half the total variance of the dry-season national detrended rice production with about a six-month lead time prior to the beginning of the harvest season. At regional and provincial level, predictive skills are generally low. The relationships are found to be more complex for rainy season rice production. Area harvested correlates positively with rainfall during the preceding dry season, whereas the yield has positive and negative correlations with rainfall in June–September and in October–December of the harvested year respectively; tropical cyclone activity is shown to be contributing factor in the latter three-month season. Retrospective forecasts based on the WWV and ZW are able to account for almost half of the variance of detrended rice production data in Luzon with a few months lead time prior to the beginning of the rainy season.
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Naohisa Koide, Anthony Lucero, Andrew W. Robertson, Amor Valeriano M. Ines, Jianhua Qian, David G. DeWitt, 2012, Prediction of Rice Production in the Philippines using Seasonal Climate Forecasts, Columbia University Academic Commons, http://hdl.handle.net/10022/AC:P:14998.

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